Zig the Zag Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Zig the Zag Free Crochet Scarf Pattern From That Crafty Girl From Ohio
A new scarf for all of you just in time for the last little bits of winter.  This design is made with 3 different colors of worsted weight yarn.  You can pick any yarn of your choosing.  The pattern looks complex but in reality, it is quite simple.  Using the 3 colors help give the pattern more dimension but a single color could also be used.

I originally wrote this pattern as a woman's scarf but as I showed my friends some of my finished crochet projects, we have all concluded that this scarf could also be considered unisex. 

The pattern is also airy, it may not be the best in below 0 F temperatures but as spring is coming soon, this is a great scarf for that transitional period between winter and spring.  Or crochet it in shades of brown and red, put it up for fall.

Feel free to sell anything you make from my pattern.  If you would like to share the images from this post please feel free.  All I ask is that you link the images back to me but feel free to share away. Backlinks make the world go around.  If you do feature this pattern, please let me know in the comments so I can add your post to my sidebar.  DO NOT post the actual pattern anywhere.  Let's just help each other out, rather than stealing

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To complete this scarf, we will be using the following stitches...

Chain Stitch - ch
Slip Stitch - sl st
Single Crochet  - sc
Double Crochet - dc
V-Stitch (All in the same stitch double crochet, chain, double crochet)


This particular pattern is worked in long rows rather than short rows so it may be difficult to add length.  I will attempt to explain how to do so at the end of this post.

Starting with black
Ch 234 (228+6) --> You will need the numbers in parenthesis if you plan on lengthening this scarf.

Row 1:  Dc in 9th ch from hook, *ch3, skip 3, dc, continue from *across

Change to grey
Row 2:  ch1, turn, sc in dc from previous round, *ch2, V -Stitch in next dc, ch2, sc in next dc, work across. Finish with a sc in the 4th ch from the last dc from the previous row, 

Change to green
Row 3: Ch5, Turn, sc in ch space of V-Stitch, ch2 * V-Stitch- in next sc, ch2, sc in next V-stitch chain space, ch 2. Repeat from * to end, finishing with a dc in last sc from previous row

Change to black
Row 4:  Sc in dc from previous round, *ch2, V -Stitch in next sc, ch2, sc in next V- Stitch chain Space, work across. Finish with a sc in the 3rd ch from the last dc from the previous row, turn ch 5

Change to grey
Row 5:  Repeat Row 3

Change to green
Row 6:  Repeat Row 4

Change to Black 
Row 7:  Repeat Row 3

Change to grey
Row 8:  Repeat Row 4

Change to green
Row 9:  Repeat Row 3

Change to black
Row 10:  Repeat Row 4

Zig the Zag Free Crochet Scarf Pattern From That Crafty Girl From Ohio

Change to grey
Row 11:  Repeat Row 3

Change to green
Row 12:  Repeat Row 4

Change to black
Row 13:  Ch6, turn dc in each sc and V-Stitch across to the end, finishing the scarf itself.

Still Using Black
Sc around the scarf using 1 sc for each chain stitch.  The stitches do not have to be worked directly into the chains but the chains can be used as a guide to prevent bunching.  Take care to stitch over loose ends to prevent all that weaving at the end.

Enjoy your beautiful new scarf.

Zig the Zag Free Crochet Scarf Pattern From That Crafty Girl From Ohio

To Lengthen This Scarf

So those numbers in parenthesis at the top of this page, well I am going to explain those.  You should be able to add to the larger number, in multiples of 8, to lengthen this scarf.  This is a theory as I have not tried this yet.  As soon as I give it a go or get some feedback, I will let you know as soon as possible.

If you crochet this scarf, use this blog title as the hashtag (#ZigtheZagScarf) and let me know where you shared it.

As always if you find any errors in this pattern please let me know ASAP so I can work to correct them.  This pattern has not been tested and as a result, there may be errors.  I am always willing to answer any questions you have about this pattern.  If there is enough interest I will be also creating a stitch diagram for this scarf.  


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