Beaded Spider and My First Experiences With Wire Wrapping

Wire Beaded Spider for Beginners, You can make this too!

It's a project that can look rather intimidating.  In reality, it is pretty easy and you can put this interesting little spider together in about an hour.

Recently I have been participating in Facebook auctions.  If you are unsure of what those are, it is a group of people that all live in the same area and agree to meet weekly to exchange items we purchased through virtual auctions.

You guessed it, I bought a ton of bead.  We are talking like 4 boxes full of them.  I have small little accent beads for years.  I do not know if I will ever use them all.  I did decide one day that I wanted to make one of these adorable spiders.  I know, those two words do not tupically go together but I love animals.  All animals.  It does not matter how creepy or crawly, they all have their place...sometimes that place is as far away from me as possible, but I still appreaciate their beauty.

Well anyways.....back to my main point.  This spider is going to go in my car and hang on a short string from my mirror.  A little statememnt piece so that I may enjoy my daily drive.

I want to make so many more of these, I spent about an hour playing with this little fella.

Now to critique.  Some of the wire wrapping is a little sloppy.  As this is my first effort I think I am okay with that.  I  know to pay a little more attention when I attempt this pattern again.  I also used a smaller gauge than recommended in the video.  I can notice how fragile my spider feels, that is why I am choosing the hang him rather than allowing him to hang out on my shelf.

Wire Beaded Spider for Beginners, You can make this too!

Wire Beaded Spider for Beginners, You can make this too!


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