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Stained Glass Granny Square Afghan Part Two

One of the squares for my stained glass granny square afghan.  The last time I wrote about my stained glass granny square afghan I was just starting the project.  I was working to create on giant granny square so that it would become a large blanket.  I changed the plan a little but I will talk about that more soon.  I also mentioned that I have a hard time keeping focus on such a large projects and I am happy to report that the afghan is still coming along at a great pace.

Black Friday Yarn Haul

Black Friday Yarn Haul Thanksgiving was great and I had a wonderful day with my family.  We filled ourselves to the brim with turkey and trimmings and later that evening, my husband and I went off to visit a good friend. The snow was flying and it really feels like Christmas is right around the corner. I didn't go out and do a lot of shopping on Black Friday, I really tried to avoid shopping that day at all costs.  Most of my day was spent quietly with my gram while my husband had some things he had to do throughout the day but later that evening when he made it back home we went out and did some shopping of our own.

Fancy Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks

This is my collection of polymer clay crochet hook handles.  All of these were made using variations in color with the techniques outlined in the post. I decided to take my polymer clay crochet hooks to another level .  My other ones were cool but they were kind of boring.   I saw some decorated crochet hooks in a magazine and thought to myself, "I could do that."  I had never made a polymer clay cane before but YouTube really helped me out with all that. I used three colors instead of two.  I explain my process below but if you watch this video, my process will make much more sense.

What's on Your Hook?

My Current Work in Progress.  Read more to find out what it is... So what are you working on this evening?

Decorate Your Home With Free Crochet Christmas Tree Patterns

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern Round-Up Christmas is coming, it's time to start pulling out decorations and getting our homes ready for the up and coming holiday season.  In honor of Friday, which is when I will be pulling out my Christmas tree, I have worked to compile this list of free crochet Christmas tree patterns.  These crochet patterns are sure to help you get your home holiday ready.  I did not write these patterns, I just find them on the internet and present them here for you in one nice and neat place.