Mar 22, 2016

Glass Etching 101 Presented by Mary from The Fandom Clan

Today we are going to shake things up a little bit.  Instead of me showing you how to do something new, Mary from The Fandom Clan is going to present a tutorial on glass for beginners.  I am a geek, she is a geek, it’s a match made in Fandom.  Make sure you check out her blog if you want make your glasses even cuter or “Kawaii”

When Mary isn't crafting and making DIY tutorial videos for YouTube, she's a full time mom, raising 6 of her 7 kids who still live at home. She just recently has become a grandmother and loves it! She also loves to bake, try new recipes, read almost all fiction genres, and play geeky board and video games with her family.

So on to Mary’s tutorial, I will let her take it from here.



For this tutorial I will show you two methods of etching glass, and 3 variations of creating simple and inexpensive ways to make your etching templates. No special equipment needed!

All in all this project cost me less than $10 per method – pending you have most of the normal crafter tools handy.

I’m going to cover the 3 ways I created my stencils first.

Mar 17, 2016

Project Gallery 1

I was trying to figure out an easier way to show all of my different projects that I have created over the life of my blog.  If you follow me, you will see that I have had a project gallery page sometimes okay hardly never.  I just could not get any of that darn code to work out.  It would be good and I would change one little thing.  One little thing and everything would be ruined.  I just could not take it anymore.

Flash forward to now.  I found a program that let’s me post to my Blogger account (even with the new API settings) and arranges everything nice and pretty for me without me having to touch even the slightest bit of code.  Open Live Writer, if you do not have it yet I highly recommend it for blogging.  I cannot wait to go and edit some of my older posts.  It’s free and super easy to set up.  If you can use Microsoft office, you can use this.  All of the features that are lacking in Blogger’s editing interface are here and perfect.

Click on each of the images to view more about that projects.  Most of the photos are tagged, CassandraCae Crochet.  When I started this blog, that was the name.  I have recently changed that and know.

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Mar 15, 2016

The Etsy Interviews -- Hookstown

Just a quick introduction for those that are new to this series.  Welcome to The Etsy Interviews.  For a while, I have really wanted to interview other crafters.  I am so interested in what inspires people to work and create with their hands.  I am in no way being paid by these artists or by Etsy to promote their shops but I am so in love with the idea of a place where crafters can become small business owners with a few mouse clicks. Every crafter has a story and it is my goal to share them all.

Now onto the interview.....

Introducing Kara from 
Kara has had her shop now for almost 2 years and she sells fine gift items.  I am obsessed with her Zombie Apocalypse Partners Stamped Metal Keychains. They are definitely my favorite item in her shop.  Do not tell my husband but I think I am going to order one for him soon for his birthday.

Show someone you love your in it for the long run, even when the world
ends and everyone starts eating one another!

You have read what I have to say, now read what Kara has to say about her life, her business, and her art.

Mar 1, 2016

The Etsy Interviews -- Reverie By MT

Etsy is a magical place...

I am in no way being paid by these artists or by Etsy to promote their shops but I am so in love with the idea of a place where crafters can become small business owners with a few mouse clicks, that I just had so started a series of posts about independent designers and crafters working to turn their crafting passion into a business.

With the abundance of shops that have opened on the marketplace that claim to sell a craft but are really only promoting mass produced junk, it is even more important now for people like me, that blog, to share amazing artisans with my readers.

I have decided to do this with...

Melissa @ Reverie By MT

The first interview in this series is from Melissa @ Reverie By MT.  A fellow Kent State University
alumna <GO GOLDEN FLASHES!> who is now residing in Oklahoma has had her shop for a short time on Etsy.  Her shop has only been open for a month but it is full of amazing hair accessories for every age and occasion.

My favorite is her beaded elastic hair ties which are pictured below.  Her prices are super affordable too which is really important to me as my family is on a pretty strict budget.

Beaded Hair Ties/Elastics No Crease Mint and Navy
Beaded Hair Ties/Elastics No Crease Mint and Navy

Feb 27, 2016

Beaded Spider and My First Experiences With Wire Wrapping

Wire Beaded Spider for Beginners, You can make this too!

It's a project that can look rather intimidating.  In reality, it is pretty easy and you can put this interesting little spider together in about an hour.

Recently I have been participating in Facebook auctions.  If you are unsure of what those are, it is a group of people that all live in the same area and agree to meet weekly to exchange items we purchased through virtual auctions.

Feb 24, 2016

Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

The Best Peanut Butter for reals!

Your Key To Success -- The Soft Ball Stage

Don't let candy making scare you. Once you learn the basics, making candy can become rather easy. I will make two or three batches of this recipe over baking a cake from scratch every day of the week. If you can boil water you can do this.

The process is just like cooking most other things. When not cooked fully, it will be soggy. If you cook it too long, it will be dry. Sometimes it takes a batch or two to figure it all out.

Feb 22, 2016

Now Accepting Interview Requests and Guest Posts for That Crafty Girl From Ohio

Are you looking for a way to promote your Etsy or another handmade shop?

Are you looking to promote your blog?

Do you want to drive some traffic to your YouTube channel?

Are you an artist looking for exposure?

Do you have a recipe you have been dying to share?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I have an opportunity for you.  That Crafty Girl From Ohio is taking requests for interviews and guest posts.  Let me explain these two items a little further.