Jun 3, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern Round Up --- Stuff For Cleaning

Okay, I am a little late when it comes to spring cleaning, ya know with it almost being June and all, but it is never to late in the year to change your boring daytime rituals with new accessories.  

All of these free crochet patterns are hear to help you clean your home with style.  I choose the patterns in this roundup because they are all extremely unique.  

This is not just a round up of dishcloths, though I do include some interesting ones, I tried to include other patterns you may find handy around the kitchen and throughout the rest of your home.

Each pattern was chosen specifically because of it's style or functionality.

Make cleaning fun with this free crochet pattern
collection that features cleaning supplies.

Jun 1, 2015

Circles in Squares Afghan

I have finally taken the time to sit down and finish a whole afghan. I know it seems a small task but I typically stick to quicker patterns and designs like scarfs and handbags. Completing this larger blanket is a pretty big accomplishment for me.

I used a few different patterns and a little bit of improvisation to complete this afghan. In this post, I am going to explain my methods and share with you where I found all of my supplies to make this blanket.

Large Granny Square with a Circle in the middle.
Close up of my finished afghan.
As I said before this pattern afghan came together quite fast.  I have a couple of other blankets I have been crocheting on for months but from start to finish, I was able to complete this afghan in about 2 weeks.  Once I started working on it I just could not put it down.

I used the "Squaring the Big Circle" free crochet pattern to make the squares of this blanket.  It was created by Kate Jenks and it can be found on her blog.  You can also add it to your Ravelry favorites so that you can crochet the pattern later. 

It's a super simple pattern but do not fret if you are not the best at reading the foreign language that is crochet and turning the abbreviations into projects.  Kate also provides a photographic step by step tutorial so that you know you are completing each row correctly.