Now Accepting Interview Requests and Guest Posts for That Crafty Girl From Ohio

Are you looking for a way to promote your Etsy or another handmade shop?

Are you looking to promote your blog?

Do you want to drive some traffic to your YouTube channel?

Are you an artist looking for exposure?

Do you have a recipe you have been dying to share?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I have an opportunity for you.  That Crafty Girl From Ohio is taking requests for interviews and guest posts.  Let me explain these two items a little further.


An interview is a chance for me to ask you questions.  I will type those up based on your form answers below.

You have a chance to then answer those questions.  I will then look at your answers for grammar and send them back.  You have to okay my corrections and then send the answers back to me.  From there your interview will be published along with any pictures you would like me to feature.

It's basically an extended biography and you can choose the direction you would like to take it.  I will then promote the posts through social networks and expect the interviewee to do the same.

This options is perfect if you have a store where you are selling crafty things or would like a little blog promotion without having to come up with a complete new a separate post.

Fill Out This Application and We Can Get Started.

Guest Posts

Guests posts are a little different and they take a little more time to put together.  A guest post is a post written by you and given space here at That Crafty Girl From Ohio.  That post costs you nothing and I allow you to place two "follow" links back to your blog or website.  For these posts, I am looking for original content.  You can post DIY's, recipes, craft projects, or any other idea you have that fits the theme of this blog.  I am running my guest posts through

If by chance you are not interested in using the above service (which is completely free) contact me through one of my social networks with your ideas and a link to your blog and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Typically within the same day.

If you guest post on my blog I will come up with a post for your blog in turn if you would like.  I do not have to but I am doing this for all of us to help one another.


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