Edward The Polymer Clay Elephant

I have done some previous work with polymer clay.  Mostly making polymer canes to attach to my crochet hooks so that I can make these awesome handles.  I figured I would try my hand at a little sculpting and this is the second figurine I have come up with.  My first figurine was Cartman from South Park.  Unfortunately I knocked him off my dresser and he broke.  It is okay, he was not great to begin with hehe.

Polymer Clay Craft Elephant Figurine

The only "tool" I used for this projects was a knitting hook.  I have not bought any fine grade sandpaper yet so my texture is not quite as smooth as I would like it to be.  I also did not have any blending tools so I was not able to get a good blend in the smaller areas of the elephant.

I am still using SculpyIII.  I am slowly adding some harder clays to my supply but I am obsessed with the colors I can purchase in the Sculpy and I love how soft it is.  To combat some of the softness while sculpting, because too much of a good thing is bad, I will let my clay sit or even place my clay in the freezer for a bit.  It seemed to work and I was able to take breaks which helped me artistically in the long run. 

I added blush to the cheeks with some old eyeshadow.  I have some eyeshadow that came in a makeup kit I received many years ago.  As the pigments may not be the safest for my eyes, they are still good pigments.  So glad I did not throw them away.  I have lots of plans for them coming up! 
I used a YouTube video, like always to craft this little guy.  Mine looks nothing like the one in the video.  That is the beauty of craft.  You start with a simple tutorial and make something completely unique and your own.

Polymer Clay Craft Elephant Figurine with rosy cheeks

Super Cute Polymer Clay Craft Elephant Figurine With Upward Pointing Trunk


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