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Yipeee Crafty Amino Front Page

Good Evening Everyone! First let me say, excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes in this post.  It was composed on my phone and my thumbs are not best typists. Posting in excitement tonight.  Let me start from the beginning.  A few days ago I started working on a little cross stitch.  I love Kirby. Some might say I am obsessed.  I found a pattern (it was actually for perler beads) I kinda liked.  I altered the color scheme for the embroidery threads in my collection. It came out perfect and in the next few days I will be sharing the project and how to make your own.  While designing and cross stitching little Kirby, I consulted the crafting communities on 2 of my favorite social networks, Instagram and Crafty Amino.  The support has been AMAZING! Now to the point of my post.  I have been featured over at Crafty Amino and my cross stitch has made the featured page.  Too exciting.  I have been posting there for a few months and I love the community.  So much inspiration.  I tota

Blog Swag

I have been dabbling a little in graphic design and vector drawing and I figured I would share some of the images I came up with.  These posts are all going to be known as blog swag.

Link Parties

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Valentine's Day Free Crochet Patterns 2016

A preview of all the great free crochet patterns for Valentine's Day.  Keep scrolling to get the patterns! The cold finally hit here in Ohio over the last few weeks. It finally feels like winter, well most of the time anyways. With January quickly ending we will soon be moving off into February which means Valentine's Day.  Homemade gifts are some of the best gifts so why not take some time snuggled up inside where it is warm and crochet some beautiful gifts for your friends and family. I made a collection of free Valentine's Day crochet patterns last year and ended up being pretty popular so I figured I should make one this year too. ...Before we get to the patterns check out this infographic that illustrates what people are giving each other on Valentine's Day. Some of the patterns may be in "English" rather than "American" when it comes to stitch abbreviations, make sure you check before you get started.  I love to share patterns fro

A New Logo and a New Name

Here at CassandraCae Crochet, a few changes are going to be happening in the next weeks.  After much thought, time, and feedback I have decided to change the name of this blog to "That Crafty Girl From Ohio." With the name change comes a fun new logo change. This is the same great website but with a few more added features and topics.  I spend a lot of time making things.  So that I may create more posts and tutorials for all of you, I decided to spread out and now I will be writing about a lot more things.