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The Tea Time Doily -- Crochet Pattern Review

Doilies are so pretty and they add a so much character to a boring table.  I absolutely love them and so I decided to give crocheting one a try.  I found this really cute pattern on Ravelry and it's called the Tea Time Doily.

Crochet A Sweater for Your Pencil

Crochet A Sweater For Your Pencil The other day I was browsing Pinterest and I noticed a that someone had knitted sweaters for their pencils.

Stained Glass Granny Square Afghan

Today I decided to start a new project.  I hate making afghans, they seem to take forever.  I have a hard time keeping my attention focused on one project for such a long time.

5 Women's Scarves To Help Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter is coming, it is fall now but the snow will be flying soon.  Christmas is on it's way too so it's time to get started on all of those Christmas crochet projects many of us have been putting off, procrastinating, then working in a frenzy to finish gifts before we give them to their respectful recipient. A friend asked me if I knew of any good free scarf patterns, I decided to create a post with some of the cutest free crochet scarf patterns for women that I have been able to find on the internet. Crochet scarfs make an excellent gift and in the grand scheme of crochet, they really don't take a lot of time to complete. Where as a crochet artist could spend months putting an afghan together as a gift for someone speacial, a crochet scarf typically takes only an afternoon or two to complete. All of these crochet patterns are completely available for free at the time of creating this post.

Falling Leaves

Crochet Maple Leaf Fall is on the way and the leaves are changing at an alarming pace.  Everyday on my drive to work I notice fewer and fewer green leaves, slowly being replaced with all of the bright colors of fall. Oranges, reds, and yellows dot what used to be a green horizon.

Crochet A Butterfly

Crochet butterfly on a oak tree I remember a time when most women knew how to crochet. All of their crochet projects, made over the span of years, were displayed through out their home. I never really noticed all this homemade stuff growing up.  It was just part of the background noise. Now I am grown-up (total bummer) and I don't see a lot of homemade trinkets around other people's homes.  Many people just don't pick up the hobby as much as they used to.  Crochet is very time consuming and that's why I love cute little projects like this crochet butterfly.