Miniature Face Scrubbies

These hardly use up any yarn so they are a great project to use up your scraps.

These little face scrubbers will get all that dry skin off your face without harsh chemicals.  Use them one and then run them through the washing machine so you have a fresh scrubby each and every time. Make sure you use a cotton yarn so they absorb the water and clean easily.

crochet face scrubbies
Miniature Face Scrubbies to  Crochet

Face Scrubber Pattern

Row 1  After the chain to solidify your magic circle, 6 sc into the magic circle.  sl st to finish the row (6)

Row 2 ch 3 (this counts as a dc), 1 dc in to sl st space, 2 dc in each space. sl st to finish the row (14).

Row 3 ch 1, 2 dc in each dc space,  invisible join to finish the scrubby.


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