Crochet Messenger Bag

Homemade Crocheted Messenger Bag
I decided to create my own crochet messenger bag and I have come up with the first draft of this project.  I used a bulky yarn that I had lying around.  It is part wool and part acrylic.  The biggest drawback is that there is a lot of stretch.  Particularly in the handle.  I think I can combat this with a cotton yarn a few changes to my techniques.  All in all I am really excited for how this one turn out.

I think my final pattern will be done in Tunisian.  I worked up this bag to primarily get the body and construction kinks worked out.  To create this bag I worked up a large swatch of double crochet.  I just came up with the stripes as I worked.  I then created a tube with this swatch to create the primary shape of the bag.  I left a flap that I thought would be the correct size.  I then crocheted the strap in two pieces.  I regret doing this and the final pattern will call for the strap to be completed in one piece.  I think this caused some of my stretching problems.

To attach my strap I single crocheted it to my tube.  I started at one side of the bag with single crochet.  When I reached the strap I changed to slip stitches.  When I reached the other side of my bag, I attached the handle with single crochet.  I did this to both the front and the back of my bag.  I then tied and glued in all my loose ends. I also had to sew excess material from my straps to shorten them.  It seemed like the easiest solutions and it helped give the bag better shape.

As I figure out this project more I will add some decorations and change up the stitches but for now I am going to enjoy my first crochet messenger bag.


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