Learning To Sew A Zippered Pouch


I learned how to sew by hand when I was old enough to not poke myself with the hook.  I do not remember exactly when this was as it has been so long ago but I had to have been somewhere between 7 and 9.  Anyways I started experimenting with my mother sewing machine around age 14 after learning to sew in my home economics class.  I don't remember exactly what kind of machine it was, she received it as a hand me down.  I think there was something wrong with it as neither she nor I could ever adjust the tension settings properly.  I received a machine for Christmas and after a made a pin cushion, I packed up the machine and didn't pull it out again.....for years....until just the other day.

I have been crochet some super cute bags and pouches.  Don't worry I will be sharing those soon.  I wanted to be able to finish them off proper.  They need to close tightly and offer the user of my bags security and privacy.  To do this, I realized I had to work on my sewing techniques and skills.  I ran off to the same place I always go when I want to learn a new crafting skill.  YouTube!  I used some recycled denim from a pair of jeans I turned into cut-offs.  I have learned to never buy and use fancy material when learning a new technique.  I used the instructions in the video and came up with the pouch you see above.


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