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Good Evening Everyone!
First let me say, excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes in this post.  It was composed on my phone and my thumbs are not best typists.
Posting in excitement tonight.  Let me start from the beginning.  A few days ago I started working on a little cross stitch.  I love Kirby. Some might say I am obsessed.  I found a pattern (it was actually for perler beads) I kinda liked.  I altered the color scheme for the embroidery threads in my collection.
It came out perfect and in the next few days I will be sharing the project and how to make your own.  While designing and cross stitching little Kirby, I consulted the crafting communities on 2 of my favorite social networks, Instagram and Crafty Amino.  The support has been AMAZING!
Now to the point of my post.  I have been featured over at Crafty Amino and my cross stitch has made the featured page.  Too exciting.  I have been posting there for a few months and I love the community.  So much inspiration.  I totally suggest checking it out.  There are a lot of great reviews on YouTube.


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