A New Logo and a New Name

Here at CassandraCae Crochet, a few changes are going to be happening in the next weeks.  After much thought, time, and feedback I have decided to change the name of this blog to "That Crafty Girl From Ohio."

With the name change comes a fun new logo change.

This is the same great website but with a few more added features and topics.  I spend a lot of time making things.  So that I may create more posts and tutorials for all of you, I decided to spread out and now I will be writing about a lot more things.
Some of these will include polymer clay, paper crafts. quick and easy organizational tips, crochet, oragami, coloring pages and books, drawing tutorials, way more cooking and recipes, and Zentangle™. 

....and pretty much everything else I can think of.  Stick around, I hope you enjoy this blog as I have a great time writing for you.

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