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Free Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns 2015

Valentine's Day is on its way which means it is time to crochet gifts for out loved ones.  In this crochet pattern collection, I will be featuring some things you can make to give to loved ones.

Are you looking for a crochet bag to give away your valentines day candies and small gifts, than look no further than this treat bag.  The hearts are added with the embroidered cross stitch technique and B. Hooked Crochet explains how to complete this bag with a helpful tutorial.  There is also a YouTube crochet tutorial to help you complete this ridiculously adorable and handy bag.

2.  Designed by My Hobby is Crochet check out the Heart & Sole Slippers

Is it cold during the month of February where you live?  These slippers will help keep your sweeties feet warm on those super cold nights.  Very cuddly and featuring a crochet heart on the top part of the slipper.  The slippers are also available in children's sizes and adult sizes.

3. ginnysue from lickety stitch came up with this amazing valentine -- So Stinkin' Sweet Valentine

Everyone loves getting a valentine and giving away homemade ones is even better.  This homemade valentine is adorable and features a crochet skunk.  This pattern would also look cute as an embellishment on another project.  It can also be turned into a pin or a refrigerator magnet.

4.  Divine Debris created this adorable Heart Ring to give to your sweetheart

Rings are fun and I great way to express yourself.  Show your love for Valentine's Day with this easy to crochet heart ring.  This ring will become one of your favorite accessories for months other than February.  

5.  The Skein and Hook designed this Heart Headband to zazz up your February attire

Headbands are a lot of fun and quick to crochet up as a gift.  This heart headband is pattern is so versatile as there are three different styles to choose from.  She uses 2 elastic ties for the stretch parts which is much more comfortable than one.  This pattern also comes with some photos to help you along if you have never made a headband with an elastic tie before.

6.  C├ęcile Valletoux made the Valentine Crochet DIY: Here is my heart, you can take it 

This heart is as close to anatomically correct as I have been able to find.  Literally give someone your heart this year for Valentine's Day.  Great for that person that you care for that doesn't like all the mushy and cute hearts that are the norm for this time of year.  Also great crochet project to give to that biologist in your life.

Looking for more free crochet patterns? Check out the Top Trending Free Crocheting Patterns at

If you have some free crochet patterns you would like to share with me, email me at so I can take a look at your blog and give you a follow.

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  1. I wish I could crochet - do you do tutorials??

    1. Crochet is really easy to learn. I learnt from youtube and I would say I am pretty good at it. Buy a crochet hook set from ebay and some yarn from a craft store and practice while you watch some youtube videos. Start small and work your way bigger. Every project I learn something new.


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