What are Snapguides?

Do you love to make things?

Well if your reading this blog I assume that you love to make things, that's the whole point of this little chunk of interwebs.

Craft Paper
Colorful paper for crafting!
Photographic tutorials are one of my favorite things about the internet (well that and cat pictures).  If you want to do something, from wash your dishes to building a shed powered with solar panels in your back yard, there is a tutorial on the internet that will take you through step by step in how to complete your project.

Looking around for some new projects to try out, I came across this awesome website called Snapguide.  They are not endorsing this post and anyway and really have no idea I am writing such kind words about them, but I just had to share this ridiculously huge wealth of "How-To" knowledge with all of my readers out there.

One could get lost for days looking around this website.  It's more addicting than pinterest....and that's pretty tough title to win.

What makes this site really awesome is the ability to embed their Snapguides, just like a YouTube video.

Check out How to Draw Olaf From Frozen by Pencil and Pen on Snapguide.

I love watching how to do things on Youtube but sometimes with certain projects it's easier to have words and pictures rather than someone speaking to you through the course of an entire video, it's also easier to rewind steps with this format.  I really can't wait to try out some of these awesome tutorials.

Ohh, I almost forgot, they have an app too and it looks outstanding.

Now back to my holiday crochet---will be sharing posts with all of those projects after the holidays.  Some of my gift recipients follow my blog and I can't ruin their surprises!!!!


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