Stained Glass Granny Square Afghan Part Two

One of the squares for my stained glass granny square afghan. 

The last time I wrote about my stained glass granny square afghan I was just starting the project.  I was working to create on giant granny square so that it would become a large blanket.  I changed the plan a little but I will talk about that more soon.  I also mentioned that I have a hard time keeping focus on such a large projects and I am happy to report that the afghan is still coming along at a great pace.

Right now I am on square five and quickly running out of yarn with much more blanket left to finish.  My original plan had been to make one large square but I quickly realized I didn't have near enough yarn to get around my square in a solid color once it reached a certain size.  I decided to do my blanket in multiple squares.  There will be a total of nine squares to create the design on this blanket.  My goal is so that no two squares look identical.

Another crochet granny square. 
This blanket is supposed to be a stash buster and it has done it's job.  I had a surplus of acrylic yarn so I decided to try and take on a large project to get some of that yarn used up so I can make room for more yarn.  I had lots of colors and lots of balls spun from partially used skeins.  I have already had to buy another skein of black as I use it in every square but I have not had to buy any colorful yarn.  I think I am going to have enough for square six and maybe seven but I know I will soon be buying a little yarn so I can finish of this amazing blanket.

With each square I complete I become more and more excited for what my finish product will look like.  I just have to keep working on this blanket but my time may be interrupted soon as I have to get working on some Christmas gifts.  Learn how to make a granny square here with a free crochet pattern.


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