Stained Glass Granny Square Afghan

Stained Glass Granny Square Afghan Crochet

Today I decided to start a new project.  I hate making afghans, they seem to take forever.  I have a hard time keeping my attention focused on one project for such a long time.

The more I have been crocheting though, the faster I am starting to become.  Practice really does make perfect.

Instead of making a bunch of granny squares and attaching them as a quilt, I decided to create one giant granny square.

I am giving the blanket a stained glass effect by crocheting in a fun color for two rows and then crocheting a singe row of black to separate all of the different colors.

I started with a light with the basic colorway of green, purple, blue, and pink.  I then chose a light and and dark hue of each color.  For pink and purple I have three different colors.  Any color and can be used in this design, the idea is to add as many colors that look nice together as you can.  A rainbow would also be an amazing color scheme option.  If you have a lot of hues in one color, and ombre stained glass granny square blanket would be phenomenal.

Here is my work in progress.  Still haven't decided on a border but when I do I will make sure to share the whole pattern from beginning to end.  Keep and eye out for it cause it is going to be a long one.


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