Crochet a Halloween Pumpkin

Double Crochet Stitch was used in making this stuffed pumpkin.
Stuffing my crocheted pumpkin
It's almost Halloween, time to pull out the decorations...

Halloween is quickly approaching. Soon the leaves in the trees will have turned the color of fire (if you live in that part of the country) and a chill will be in the air. Time to pull out the orange yarn and make some holiday decorations.

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I found the pattern for this nifty little pumpkin here. It is from Just Plain Fun Crochet Club and All Free Crochet. They have a lot of other really cool patterns to check out.  This pattern is completely free and I really enjoyed crocheting it.  It was super easy and while it may stretch the skills of a beginner, it is totally possible.  I made an orange pumpkin and a red pumpkin.

I thought it would really be cute to turn the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns with Velcro and felt but I have not had the time to get to the store to buy the felt.  When I do I will make sure to post pictures of my crochet jack-o-lanterns.  You could even make different face pieces and change your pumpkins face with your mood.

On my first pumpkin I made the stem a little too short so it came out stubby.  I didn't like this so on   I extended the stem on my red pumpkin a row further than the pattern indicated and I really liked it better.  Adding some green curly cues would also be a great addition to this crochet pumpkin pattern.

I love Halloween crafts.

It goes together really fast and is is a perfect crochet project to fill a couple of afternoons.  This is a way to decorate your house with pumpkins and way less messy than jack-o-lanterns.

Use leaves and small crocheted pumpkins to add a little fall flare to your home decor.
My Finished Crochet Pumpkins with some decorative
leaves on my television entertainment stand

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